Dr. Prashant Goswami


I am the examiner for DV1478 (Bachelor thesis in Game Development) and TE2501 (Master thesis in Game Development).

I am supervising following students for their thesis at BTH:

PhD student:




Master thesis:


  • Sai Vijay Pola & Advaith Putta


Previous :

  • Albin Berhardsson & Ivar Bjöling  (co-supervised) (2018)
    Generation and evaluation of collision geometry based on drawings  [PDF] [Project]
  • Fuliang Wang & Kaiyuan Yang (co-supervised with Josef Ström Bartunek) (2017)
    The Implementation of A Fingerprint Enhancement System Based on GPU via CUDA [PDF] [Project]
  • Christian Markowicz & Ali Hassan (2017)
    Real-time snow simulation with compression and thermodynamics [PDF] [Project]
  • Eric Ahlström & Lucas Holmqvist (2017)
    Comparing Traditional Key Frame Animation Approach and Hybrid Animation Approach of Humanoid Characters [PDF] [Video][Project]
  • Marcus Svensson @ Avalanche Studios (2016) 
    Occlusion Culling on the GPU: Inner Conservative Occluder Rasterization [PDF] [Project]
  • Jimmy Gustafsson (2016) 
    Evolving Neuromodulatory Topologies for Plasticity in Video Game Playing [PDF[Project]
  • Rasmus Tilljander  &  Joel Begnert (2015) 
    Combining Regional Time Stepping With Two-Scale PCISPH Method [PDF] [Video] [Project]
  • Emil Bertilsson (2015)
    Dynamic Creation of Multi-resolution Triangulated Irregular Network [PDF] [Video] [Project]
  • Mattias Fridh Kastrati, BTH (2015) 
    Hybrid Ray-Traced Reflections in Real-Time: in OpenGL 4.3 [PDF] [Video[Project]
  • Markus Tillman, BTH (2015)
    Complex Transformative Portal Interaction   [PDF[Video[Project]
  • André Eliasson &  Pontus Franzén, BTH (2015)
    Accelerating IISPH: A Parallel GPGPU Solution Using CUDA   [PDF] [Video[Project]
  • Iman Bellouki : Optical effects with GigaVoxels, INRIA - Grenoble (co-supervised with Pascal Guehl )(2014) 
  • Niu Junpeng : Parallel astro visualizer with Equalizer (engineering project), NTU Singapore (2012 - 2013)
  • Rahul Mukhi : Point based simplification methods, University of Zürich (2010 - 2011)

Bachelor thesis:


  • Jakob Nyberg 


Previous :

  • Emil Nordlander (2018)
    The different emotional effects of voice and text communication in a game environment [PDF] [Project]
  • Nils Kåvemark & Stevan Miloradovic  (2018)
    Particle Systems: A comparison between octree-based and screen-space particle collision  [PDF] [Project]
  • Alexander Ljung & Hannes Knutsson  (2018)
    Cost-effective positioning based on WiFi-Probes: Deriving the position of a smartphone using the signal strength of WiFi-probes  [PDF] [Project]
  • Adam Georgsson & Olof Christensson (2018)
    Visualization of training data reported by football players [PDF] [Project]
  • Dan Printzell (2018)
    Testing scalability of  cloud gaming for multiplayer  games [PDF] [Project]
  • Petrus Lindblom & Amandus Krantz (2017)
    Generating Topic-Based Chatbot Responses [PDF] [Project]
  • Adam Fredriksson (2017)
    Visual Comparison of Lagrangian and Semi-Lagrangian fluid simulation [PDF] [Project]
  • Oscar Roosvall (2016)
    Procedural Terrain Generation Using Ray Marching [PDF] [Project]
  • Albin Hermansson (2016) 
    View-Dependent Collision Detection and Response Using Octrees [PDF] [Project]
  • Alexander Grahn (2016) 
    An Image and Processing Comparison Study of Antialiasing Methods [PDF] [Project]
  • Stefan Holm (2009) 
    Data management for terrain rendering, University of Zürich [Project]

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